Adrienne Husum

Looking back over forty years of painting in watercolor, oil, and acrylic, I am at the stage of distilling my vision and 



In recent years I have been moving in a direction that is beyond the confines of my early efforts in watercolor.   When I first started painting, I was totally enamored with painting “things”.  Subject matter reigned supreme and that was my personal measure of success.


In time, this approach did not satisfy me artistically.  It  took many years of  experimentation, study, a number of 

college-level classes and workshops to help me set new



I look at my work now as a profoundly personal statement laced with a desire to promote an emotional response.  


My work evolved into a desire to invite the viewer to connect with my work regardless of

subject matter.  Deconstructing, changing, and redesigning subject matter became my approach.  In the process I became more interested in shapes, color, direction, relationships, and drama.  The subject became a tool to be used to advance the desired goal.  


In the process I learned to paint abstract and semi-abstract pieces which freed me from the focus on depicting things.  I continue to include recognizable “things” in my work but they are usually manipulated and enhanced in some way.  


Painting clouds gives me the ideal venue to combine

subject matter while redesigning, pushing the limits and evoking a response.  My personal approach now is…..Extrapolate, Exaggerate, Exuberate.  My paintings have been exhibited in OR., WA., UT., N.M., CO., and  also have been in ten juried exhibitions.

In Passing