Ann Hopp

Early in my life I drew and painted on anything I could. Nature being a constant inspiration.


As a young idealistic adult I did spend a few years of study at the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland California during the late 70's.


I redirected my creativity into the family business of Hairdressing.

It suited me well and led to a long career as a colorist and stylist in Napa Valley, California.


After retiring and coming to Colorado I now have that time I wished for. I started oil painting, my first love.

I was  then introduced to Alcohol Ink.

This medium pulls me and pushes me in unexpected directions.


It's given me a nontraditional, playful, relaxed and sometimes even frustrating moments.

It's a 'hold on loosely' kind of interaction.


I have a new definition of control in this medium. I am blessed to hear how people react to my pieces, the emotion they invoke which is all I can hope for.

Blue jeans
On the Horizon
Floating on Blue
Golden Trio
Just Pickled
Tangerine Pop
In the Garden
Ann Hopp - Turquioise Pop-8-
Peekin' In
Wise Guy
Threes Company
Muted Presence
Poppies in the Sky
Artist Ann Hopp