The Progression of an artist  

Many people think that artists are just born with talent.  Like the hand of God gave them the gift.  I do think that he gave us the desire. Those comments about being born with talent, discounts the hard work artists do to hone their...

Lincoln Gallery & the Thompson Valley Art League

One of the treasures in our town is the Thompson Valley Art League. TVAL has been a part of Loveland for over to 50 years.  They opened the Lincoln Gallery in 1991 in downtown Loveland. TVAL is an art cooperative providin...

The generosity of artists

As a working artist and gallery owner, I’m often asked for art donations.  I donate about 15 to 20 pieces of artwork per year.   Some of the donations are small others may be larger in value.

I myself have asked artists to donate.  Du...

The Cost of Art

I think most people’s perception of original art is “it’s expensive”, but you consider the cost spread over the course of the lifetime that you enjoy the piece of art, you may see how inexpensive original art is. 

Think about this, if you are a daily Star...

Blog #2

Everyone buys Art

As I go though my life weather visiting a friend home or going into my doctor’s office, I always notice the art on the wall and other elements of the décor.  This lifts my spirit because it seems that almost everyone buys art. 

Many of the p...

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