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As a graduate of the University of Missouri with an archaeology/anthropology major, I have always felt a close connection with history and the Earth, and I collected rocks from the time I could walk. 


When I had the opportunity to take classes from the Geological Institute of America, I was in heaven and I completed my Graduate Gemologist certification in 1988. I worked in several retail jewelry stores over the next few years but it wasn't until 1999 that I was able to take a bench jewelry class. 


The class opened a whole new world of creativity for me.  I am fascinated by the endless beauty of colored stones and never seem to run out of ideas for ways to mount and set off their colors. 


I love working with various metals, creating texture, finishes and patinas, to enhance the stones.  My pieces are one of a kind.  I make my home in Loveland, Colorado and market my jewelry under Jewel Lyn Designs. 

Her Work

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