Elly Jo Anderson

I am a self taught artist. I am a Colorado native, who is born and raised in Loveland.


I have a great love for nature and adventure. Those loves play well with my passion for being creative.


I find myself always dreaming of the next project to work on. Being creative is a constant narrative in my life.


My love for nature drew me into creating my first mosaic skull years ago.


Mosaic is one of favorite art mediums to create. I love using lots of different types of material to make the mosaic come together.


My passion to always create has lead me into my newest venture with fluid painting. It is such a fun technique that creates unique, beautiful artwork.


I have been successful at applying fluid painting to a lot of different surfaces, from tile, to make durable coasters, to outlet covers, to add just a pop of unique art to every room.


Every piece is a one of a kind. 

I am always open to custom work!!

Bear map
Milky Way
Break Through
Midnight Cat Call
Angels Falling
Find me Lizard
Larry the lizard
Fighting Green
Untitled - 1
Untitled- 2
Untitlted - 3