Lacey Walker

Lacey was born and raised in Colorado on a family farm. However, she had big dreams of flying the coop and so she did.


She pursued her undergraduate degree in marketing at UNLV in Nevada. Then she flew farther, to Sydney Australia to pursue a Masters in Digital Communication and Culture at the University of Sydney.


All of this done with the aim of trying to focus her creative spirit into what at the time she though was the most creative way to make a living: Marketing. She worked for several small tech companies running their marketing departments before the pull of working for herself became too strong.


During her work time she spent her nights and weekends endless creating, experimenting, and learning. She founded Rebel Unicorn Crafts a creative teaching company where she teaches unique and interesting crafts and art like Hammered Metal Jewelry, Paper Quilling, Macrame Earrings, and more all with the goal of connecting people with creativity and their hands.


While developing these classes she found a love of painting.

As she would describe, one day painting was intimidating and working with color scared her, and the next day, it all made sense. She was dedicated and painted nearly every day for 3 years working on her skills, taking online classes, and experimenting before she felt she was ready to start selling her work.


The gallery features her landscape paintings in both acrylic and watercolor. Her inspiration has always been Colorado, specifically the view from the farms and plains of Colorado, the big open vast skies with stormy clouds. Her mini watercolors are her way of trying to paint each sunset or day's view of the mountains that she missed while she was away.

Mini Watercolors
Loch Ness
Darkness Before the Storm
Morning Walks
Forest Night