Mary Leonard

 Mary Leonard’s style is unusually simple but yet profoundly complex abstracts of the unknown yet known. With honor and respect for Spirit, she sees the unknown interpreted as art, with ethereal joy and an honest intuitive style of painting. It is her desire to express voice and soul in paint. She paints the fruits of life like joy, hope and peace in a tangible way. Mary believes art is a spiritual language.


Mary founded Mariahsachin spirit painting in 1969. She enjoys painting in sets of themes she calls “collections”. Her creative style focuses on the “voice of the painting” with spiritual awareness turning chaos into order, expressed in bold bright colors. Mary recently has been working on the “Testimony Collection.” She has found that telling the stories and sharing the joys of miracles is exhilarating.


Mary likes to take on large challenges such as the “Testimony Collection”, the eighteen “Sculpture Gardens” on Whidbey Island WA, and the book “God Factor in Recovery” are working together to become a lecture tour.


Her first love is teaching the Mariahsachin lifestyle as a spiritual coach, helping people find their creativity in painting. Students learn how to hear, feel, know and see God in everything and then express those feelings in their paintings. It is overwhelming to look back at 50+ years and to see the impact on individuals and communities through your personal expression of voice.


Painting for audiences is the best part of my practice she says. Painting in a collection set is a way I explore a subject in depth. Developing art through praise and worship is the highest form of the creation process. I enjoy spreading the fruits of life freely while expressing my voice and heart into my art. 

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