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Meet Renee

Renee Walkup grew up loving art and nature in Kansas City while influenced by her father, an accomplished oil painter. She graduated from Stephens College with a concentration in Art.


After a career as a professional speaker and international corporate trainer, Renee found herself pursuing her dream of creating mosaics.


Her work has ranged in furniture to wall hangings, vases, clocks, and a variety of custom pieces. However, her challenging mosaic design passion includes using reclaimed and upcycled materials on string instruments, including ukuleles, violins, and guitars. Renee’s inspiration comes from Colorado’s stunning sunrises, wide skies, plants, and wildlife.


Taking advanced mosaic classes from professionals around the world provides new learning experiences for Renee, while she procures interesting pieces to include in her work.


When not in her studio, Renee volunteers in and around Fort Collins and hikes the many trails around Northern Colorado.

Her Work

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