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Impending Storm in Endo Valley - oil.jpg



Meet Sharon

Sharon was born and raised in rural New Hampshire. Small farm life and the surrounding forest is where her inspiration and love for nature first began.


Sharon is a landscape and wildlife painter now living in the mountains west of Loveland.


She is in awe of the rugged beauty of the west and the Rockies.


She is surrounded by vast views and a variety of wildlife. “I love to paint ‘en plein air’, where I can see into the light and shadows beyond what a camera can ‘feel’ and see.


I strive to express in my painting the mood and feelings while surrounded in fresh air, sounds and nature as it unfolds around me.


I think of the landscape and it’s varied beauty as nature’s music. ~The dance of light and whisper of the leaves on a tree, the laughter of a bubbling stream, the loud chord as the sunlight strikes the canyon wall, the crackle of the waves’ luminescent crest as it spills over and pounds to the shore, the mountain’s majestic symphony of life as it is cast before you.


It is the orchestra of light and darkness that unveils itself in the song of everyday life. Sharon’s paintings can be found in many collections locally as well as worldwide.

Her Work

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