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Everyone buys art...

Blog #2

Everyone buys Art

As I go though my life weather visiting a friend home or going into my doctor’s office, I always notice the art on the wall and other elements of the décor. This lifts my spirit because it seems that almost everyone buys art.

Many of the people buy from the big box stores, there are some people that only buy original art. While working in a frame shop I noticed when buying for their homes, many people buy artwork to match their couch, while some go with the current trends.

From the tissue box of tissues we purchase to our dinnerware we have picked something an artistic person designed. We pick what appeals to us.

Throughout history humanity has adorned their self with jewelry. They decorated their pottery and did their art on cave walls.

I think that many people think that original art is out of their reach so they might not even consider going into an art gallery. In northern Colorado you can buy an original piece of art from many local artists that may be priced below some fine art reproductions of national artists.

For me I buy art that makes me feel good every time I look at it. I remember my first original art purchase. It wasn’t too expensive but my family was in the early stages of a growing family with a tight budget. I asked the seller if they would consider doing layaway and they agreed. After 3 months I proudly brought the first piece of art in my collection home. My husband was a surprised about my purchase and said I could have painting one like it. I suppose I could have painted something similar but it would not have been the piece that I still enjoy looking at today as much as I did when I bought it over 25 years ago.

When we listen to music we listen to what we love, and that is how it should be when buying a piece of art. It should evoke emotion. Most people I’ve talked to say they’ve never regretted buying a piece of art that they love.

In Northern Colorado, we are rich in talent and though best known for the sculpture there are amazingly talented painters, jewelry designers, potters and performing artists here too. Take the time to stop in to art galleries and exhibitions in your area. You might find a piece of art that lifts your spirits for years to come if you decide to take it home.

I still buy original art and occasionally find a piece of art that is still beyond my budget. If I can’t buy it I think of it often and was glad to have seen it

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