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Creating feels better than other things I do.

Most of the things I do get undone. I wash clothes, they get dirty again. I clean house, and before too long, it’s cluttered and needs more work. If I cook, also a creative thing that I do, but it too is gone. One of the things I love about doing artwork, mine is painting and drawing, is that it’s still a painting or drawing next week and for years to come. Some of my art is a reminder of how I’ve grown as an artist. We did a show a while back at Independence Gallery called “Now and Then”. That show was to share the progression of artist’s work over the years. Many of us were still painting and drawing the same subject matter as we did when we were in grade school. Luckily some of us still had that old artwork. (Again it lasts).

The great thing about that show is parents and grandparents brought their young budding artists in to show how after years of practice we improve.

Many people say, “Oh, you were just born with talent”. The truth is, we were born with a desire to do art and we practiced and pursued it. When people say that we were born with talent, it discounts the hard work that we as artists do to hone our skills.

It’s never too late to start creating. I heard that American folk artist Grandma Moses didn’t start painting until she was 78. Just think, just about everyone has heard of her. She had a desire in her heart and is a prominent example of a person who even late in life had a successful art career.

How do you like to create?


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