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Missing the old days

Remember the old days when we didn’t try to cram so much into our days? We talked in person or on the phone with ones we loved. We had relationships with the stores where we shopped and also it seemed we weren’t so stressed.

I’m guilty of trying to cram a bunch into my day. I don’t feel as fulfilled with all that I’m doing. Don’t get me wrong, I use modern technology to reach out to people and I’m grateful for social media in getting to reconnect with friends from my past. I do miss just the time to sit and visit and actually catch up with friends to see how life is going. Do you miss it too?

One of the things I love best about in person shopping is getting that personal assistance. Ace Hardware is a perfect example. If I’m looking for a little nut or bolt, I’m offered help right away and led to the section that has that little piece I’m looking for. So many of the locally owned stores will help you find what you’re looking for.

How often I see couples in a restaurant, with both of them on or in their phones. They are missing the opportunity for a real conversation. I’ve heard of groups of friends putting their phones on the table and whoever picks up their phone up first, pays the tab. J

I love getting a handwritten note or letter from someone I love way more than a text. Someone took the time to think of you and put pen to paper. That’s awesome!

There are great things about technology, and I don’t want it to go away. I just miss the slower pace and not being inundated with all that it brings. How about you?


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