Susie Morey 

I enjoy making functional pottery, such as; bowls, plates,mugs, serving and baking dishes that are usable works of art.

When I sit down at the wheel to throw, I put a lot of thought in to the intended use of the piece and the ergonomics of the design. I’ll ask myself “What will this bowl be used for?

Will this mug fit a woman or a man’s hand? Will the pitcher pour correctly?” I learned this through years of trials, drips, and handles too small to grip. My pottery is oven, microwave, dishwasher and food safe.


Fused Glass is kiln formed glass. I love the eye catchingsparkle of Dichoric glass and the smooth shiny surface of Fused Glass. I started making jewelry, dishes and plates with glass about 8 years ago with a small glass kiln. Didn’t take long for me to outgrow it and “NEED” a bigger kiln. Now I can make larger plates and artsy stuff as well. I’ve made glass panels for cabinets and globes for light fixtures. My challenge is to combine the rough earthy surface of the clay with the smooth bright surface of the glass.

Horse Hair pottery & Glass jewelry
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