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Meet Tracy

Tracy Holsapple is an artist who specializes in figurative art, portraiture and still-life painting.


Born in Massachusetts, she was raised by a large Italian family on one of the few working crop farms still in operation today. Crayons, pencils and sidewalk chalk were some of her first mediums and some of her fondest memories were spent drawing at the family kitchen table. In her late 20’s, she married and moved to Colorado where she spent the next 20+ years raising her 3 children. During this time she continued pursuing her love of art by taking recreational classes and workshops where time permitted.


When her children were old enough, she committed in earnest to pursue her passion for art by attending the Two-Year Studio Arts Program at Schissler Academy of Fine Arts, a classical school that specializes in traditional methods of art and composition. There, she studied representational art with a focus on the human figure, portraiture and still life. During the two year program, Tracy was awarded “best student portfolio” two times. 


While attending the academy, Tracy also had the opportunity to study under John Reger from the Anthony Ryder Atelier school. Tracy uses classical techniques to portray contemporary subject matter in oil, charcoal, pastel and watercolor. Her passion for creating meaningful art continues today and you can view some of her work at Independence Gallery in Loveland, Colorado.

Her Work