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Bonnie Mayger

Bonnie Mayger.

I began painting seriously in 1970, two years after graduating from Colorado State University with a degree in Art Education.

My work has been represented by galleries throughout Colorado since the mid-1970's.
 Since childhood, I have been drawing and painting. It is an integral part of who I am, and one way I express my passion for the beauty in nature.

Not only do I love exploring the many ways I can use watercolors or pastels, I am constantly inspired and motivated by the natural world and all of it's moods. There are many dramas in nature and I find it fascinating subject matter.

I immerse myself in the process of painting and find great self-satisfaction when I like a finished piece. Sometimes the final painting is a surprise, as watercolor often has apersonality of it's own.

I like to let the paint "do it's own thing" and just go along for the ride.
 My goal is to please myself, but the greatest honor is when someone else is drawn into my painting and it touches them.

Bonnie's Work

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