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Terie Christmas

Assemblage Art by Terie Christmas.

Assemblage & Mixed Media Artist as well as a Photographer/Digital Artist. 

Assemblage work is a 3D medium using rusted, neglected or vintage items to make a cohesive art piece. It allows me to express myself, through my love of rusted and eroded items, in a more tactile way.  You will also see pieces of nature including bones which is usually found in my work. Mixed Media includes my love for assemblage work but incorporates papers and textiles. 

My purpose as a photographer to to find beauty in the often discarded and abandoned places or items and present that to the viewer through my “wabi sabi” eyes.  I use textures and layers to achieve the final results in some of my photography work. I also do photographic collage work using a portrait and layering in photos and memorabilia to show a snap shot of a person’s life or specific accomplishment. 

Co Founder of The Civic & Cultural Arts Center in Pineville NCCo-Leader and Past Board Member of Charlotte Photography Meet-up Group. 

CPCC Graphic Arts - Charlotte NC
Workshops in Assemblage - Michael DeMeng, Vancouver Canada
Bobbie Polizzi - Saluda, NC
Michael DeMeng - Oaxaca, Mexico

Workshop in Mixed Media - Lynn Belisle, San Antonio TX
Kate Thompson - Castle Rock, CO 
Roxanne Stout - Oregon

Terie's Work

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