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Thane Gorek

Thane Gorek.

By taking everyday objects and enlarging their scale significantly, I am able to draw the viewer’s attention to often overlooked subjects, inviting them to see the objects anew. By enhancing the smallest details, the ordinary is transformed into the sublime. 
In my most recent work, my primary focus has been on organic forms.

Peppers in particular have been a recurring theme, not only because they seem to come in an endless variety of shapes and colors, but because when cross-sectioned they reveal an enticingly visceral interior. 

I consider the process of arranging a still life to be a meditative practice.

Although I begin with a basic theme or idea, I let the objects themselves dictate their placement allowing the strange poetry of chance to work its magic. 

The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery - Francis Bacon

Thane's Work

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