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Art doesn't have to match your couch.

Art doesn’t have to match your couch

From working in a frame shop and owning my own gallery, I’m surprised how many people buy art to match their couch or bedspread. While I don’t think they should clash I think you should buy art that lifts your spirits and makes you feel good just to gaze at it.

When I see a piece of art that I love, I just want it for my own; I usually don’t think much about where I’m going to put it. I buy my furnishings the same way so, then it’s more about filling my home and work space with beautiful things, that bring me joy. It should be like the music we enjoy. Thankfully it doesn’t have to match our furniture, we only listen to music we like or makes us feel good.

As we come into summer, and your out at the many art shows in the area, remember that it’s about how the art makes you feel rather than how it matches.

Maybe people should buy couches to go with their art. Match your socks instead of your couch, or even better wear miss matched socks just for fun and break the rules. Who made the rules anyways?

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