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David Newton

David Newton and Star Wars
David  Newton  and Star Wars

A third-generation Colorado native, David Newton grew up familiar with Colorado's beautiful scenery all around him. Many of his works have followed this course through Rocky Mountain landscapes with realism and his own personal style.

Newton has shown his work for years in Greeley, Estes Park, and Loveland, Colorado. Newton has received national recognition for his renditions of space art. Also known for still-life presentations, Newton has received numerous awards in various competitions.

Among Newton's distinctive religious pieces, "Remember" has been one of Newton's most favored original paintings. David tells us, "As I believe the chief end of every man is to glorify God, so it follows the purpose of one's created art is to glorify the Creator.

Though all humans are made in the image of God, with initiative and creative thought, we ought not be too impressed with ourselves, nor with what we might produce. Being still, being humble, praying to have eyes that see - "these are all qualities which can allow one to see hope and opportunity where others might despair. Solutions to problems" from the general question of what to paint, to the specific answer of what to do quickly when a big black smear covers up your whole creation unexpectedly. These are some of the things from which art is made. Vision and perseverance are necessary, for artists and all people to thrive and reach their potential.

He is a firm believer that God has given him the joy of painting for over forty years and the privilege of painting professionally more than a decade of those years. He says he has learned to seek "whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable ... anything excellent or praiseworthy, (and to) think about such things" (The Bible - Phil. 4:8).

Custom framing chosen by the artist is of the best quality and designed to enhance each image's natural beauty and visual excellence. All originals feature triple matting, under premium quality museum glass giving optimal glare reduction and blockage of ultraviolet light.

David's Work

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