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Ryan Alberts

Ryan Alberts
Ryan Alberts wood and antler carver.

I was born and raised in Loveland Colorado where I spent my childhood racing motorcycles and watching my dad build and paint amazing classic cars. 

I got my artistic eye from both my mom and dad, who were always working on some original home project, or designing and building something for a classic car. 
My brother was always the exceptional artist with his drawings and portraits.   I never had the artists “itch” to create until I started fly fishing.
I began fly fishing about 15 years ago.   I love anything that takes me to the back country of the Rocky Mountains.  I dream about fishing the small headwater streams and lakes, while backcountry camping where no one else will go. 

Something about being in the high country of God’s creation “flipped my artistic switch”.   The amazing, vibrant colors and natural beauty of the cutthroat, brown and brook trout inspired me to begin carving fish using exotic woods from around the world.  

While in Yellowstone National Park with my family I saw my first moose antler carving…and I found my next passion.  The moose antler is already a piece of art, and each one is as unique as a snowflake.   What an amazing frame for a mountain scene.
My wife Julia was always supportive of my art, and has really pushed me into trying to share my work with others.  Julia home schooled our two amazing daughters from kindergarten through 5th grade.  During that time she met a local artist teaching an art class for a home school group. 

It turns out the artist and teacher of the class owned an art gallery in downtown Loveland.  Julia suggested that I try and meet Billie Colson.  And that, as they say, is the rest of the story.
I hope you enjoy my carvings.

Ryan's Work

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