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Marie-Louise Dautzenberg

Marie Louise Dautzenberg.

As long as I can remember, I wanted to paint all the wonderful things that I could see.  

I finally started to take serious painting lessons more than a decade ago. A whole new world opened up. I met fellow artists, went on art tours, took art history classes, went to museums and shows, and participated in workshops.
From now on, I looked at nature, 
my surroundings, and people with a different eye. Painting for me has become the most liberating and exciting activity in my life. 

I have been taking painting classes at the prestigious art studio of Milton Patterson in Hawthorn, NJ for about 10 years. In addition I was a student at the studio of Salvatore Calderone for about 6 years. Both are well-known and respected artists in the Bergen County area of northern NJ.

I now take painting lessons from George Coll in Loveland well known in this area.
 My work has been exhibited at the community library of Hawthorn, NJ in 2002 and the Indian Trail Club in Franklin Lakes in 2003 and at several private expositions. A considerable number of my paintings have already been sold. 

Originally, I worked in watercolors, but now I do most of my paintings in oil.
I was born in The Netherlands. I lived in the south of France and Eastern Canada before I came to the United States in 1983. After 9 years in the Bay Area, I lived 12 years in NJ and moved to the San Diego area in 2004 and now live in Fort Collins. I became a US citizen in April 2001.

Marie-Louise's Work

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