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Barb Smith

Barb Smith.

 For myself, a day of painting is the greatest escape of all.  I lose track of time and become completely immersed in what I am creating.

Once I start a painting, I feel it is sometimes difficult to focus on other details of my life until I am satisfied with the final result. That is my favorite time with my paintings. It is finally accomplishing my vision.  It is my hope that the viewer should experience the pleasure of transforming themselves into the scene, by using atmospheric perspectives, rich colors, and pleasing compositions.

Barb spent 25 years as the sole proprietor of her framing business.  Because of this, she had been surrounded by art, observing many different styles up close.  She had the privilege of framing the artwork of some wonderful artists. This is where she feels she honed her skills as a colorist.

Barb's first experience with painting was in watercolor classes.  She learned a lot about value and composition in those classes.  She also painted with acrylics during a business venture in mural painting.  That is when she realized she wanted to pursue her own painting career in Fine Art.  

She did some individual paintings with acrylic, but felt very limited because the paint dried so quickly.  It felt very flat to her.  So, she started to read and learn about oils.  It is the fluidity, layering, and richness of the colors that she loves about the oil paints.

The past few years, she has taken workshops from different artists, including Patti Andre, Scott Ruthven, Sarah Woods, and recently Dave Santillanes. This enables her to continue learning and improving her artwork. Barb and her husband recently moved to the small farming community of Eaton, Colorado, after living in Loveland, Colorado for over 40 years.

She is close enough to enjoy the Rocky Mountains and all the beautiful surroundings that Colorado has to offer.  She feels this adds a depth of inspiration to her paintings.  She loves to get out and paint on location (en plein air) as well as painting in her studio.  

She says," plein air painting adds great joy and camaraderie to being around other artists. It is feeling the place, the atmosphere, and seeing everything in a certain light. Getting a true feel for all the colors and atmosphere of the landscape.

The studio gives me the solitude to pursue the concentration I sometimes need to forge ahead with a painting.  Both are very necessary for creating a work of art."  It is her vision to enrich the lives of others through her paintings. She has been juried into various shows over the years and has won awards through these shows. 

Barb's Work

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