Patt Toman

I have had a love of taking photos since the first little camera was presented to me at age 10.


Raised on a dairy farm with oodles of cousins around, I loved to snap that surprise shot! 

  Norm & I moved to Colorado in 1990 from Noth Dakota and in 1995 we purchased  Art of the Rockies Gallery and frame Shop in Loveland. While framing was not my gift, I truly enjoyed working with our customers artwork and photos. It allowed me to assist in framing their masterpiece.


Upon retiring from the framing business after  22 years,  I had a most welcome opportunity to continue to show my framed photography at Independence Gallery. 


I have focused on the open countryside, wildlife and nature and have been encouraged and mentored by some of the best at Independence Gallery. 


Through the years, I have realized how much I prefer to be behind the camera and in turn value the subject. 


Our home is filled beyond the brim with loving photos and boxes of treasured memories! Someday our family will be gifted the opportunity to disperse them wherever the choose, but in the meantime, I’ll keep on shooting❤️❤️and enjoying my 3 children, 12 grandchildren and 7 great grandkids ! 

St. Catherine’s Chapel on the Rock
Texas Grazers
Life on the Edge
Living on the Edge
Stanley Hotel
The Fence
Pat Toman