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Meet Brenda

I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts and spent the first 18 years of my career in advertising and Director of Visual Merchandising. In 1999 I moved to Denver and worked as a Design for 3 years. In 2005 I married and moved to Loveland where I became a full time Fine Artist.

Since my work is a product of learning and exploring, it is pretty diverse in

appearance…everything from classic water color representational renderings to abstractimages that mimic photographs of things that only exist in my mind’s eye.


Although I am inspired by many things, it is generally the grace, color and texture found in the details of nature that initiates my motivation. For the most part, my work is not particularly deep, cynical or political; just the product of an artist’s need to create and to master a tool or medium. Many of my abstracts go untitled so that the viewer can attach their own emotions and reactions to them.

Her Work

Can I read What Eye Chart
For Pete's Sake Ester. Just Do It
And They Said I couldn't Dance
Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride
Just Because I cant Sing Doesn't Mean I
I don't lLike to Brag But I Am the Spit
Kangaroo Jack
Look Mama, I sheared Sister
Needs More Salt
Oh No! Not Again
OMG I'm naked!
Sandy Worhol
So , Who told you that
tastes like chicken
You Never Listen To Me

Digital Watercolor by Brenda Leedy.

Too Much Mousse Right
Texture Study Cinnebar
Tangerine Dream
Garnet Square

Mixed media textures by Brenda Leedy

Color Study in Purple Select
Sleepy Hollow
Loch's Nest
What Lies Beneath
The Beacon