Brenda Leedy 

Brenda’s need for creativity began at a very early age. After high school, there was never a question of whether Brenda would attend college or what she would study. She declared her self an Art major and began her studies.


Each discipline brought new interest and motivation. After graduation, the reality of life as an artist became evident so she surrendered to her financial needs and took a job in advertising, graphic design and visual merchandising.


She grew and excelled despite the constraints of the retail world and found herself both appreciated and respected for her accomplishments during the 20 years she devoted to the retail industry.


In 1999 Brenda came to Colorado from Georgia to visit a friend. She never left. She fell in love with the mountains,

the colors, the weather and the people and found inspiration everywhere she looked. She took a job as an Interior Designer Consultant, but after 3 years she gave into her heart and bacame a full time Fine Artist.


Brenda’s work has been shown in many types of venues from learning centers, restaurants and hotels to museums and galleries and hospitals. Her local exhibits have included the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, The Dairy Arts Center in Boulder, The Four Seasons Resorts, Element, Independence Gallery and The Bruell. She is currently represented by Independence Gallery, Wire Grass Gallery, Green Frog Gallery and is represented nationally by the Art Source in Denver.

Can I read What Eye Chart
For Pete's Sake Ester. Just Do It
And They Said I couldn't Dance
Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride
Just Because I cant Sing Doesn't Mean I
I don't lLike to Brag But I Am the Spit
Kangaroo Jack
Look Mama, I sheared Sister
Needs More Salt
Oh No! Not Again
OMG I'm naked!
Sandy Worhol
So , Who told you that
tastes like chicken
You Never Listen To Me
Too Much Mousse Right
Texture Study Cinnebar
Tangerine Dream
Garnet Square
Marine Life
Potatoe Sac
Color Study in Purple Select
Sleepy Hollow
Loch's Nest
What Lies Beneath
The Beacon
MRG-11, 12, 14
Group of 3
LRG-10,11,13 B
group of 5
LLRG-22, 27, LRG-17
BRG-18, 23, 24, 27
brg-21 & 22
NRG-11, 12, 13
Zen Group #
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