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Rae Ann M.Garrett

Rae Ann M. Garrett

From as far back as I can remember I have always had my hands in the Arts. A self-taught artist starting at the age of four, my creative journey began with pencil, pens, and pastels.
At the age of ten I started writing music on the piano and at twelve I picked up my first paintbrush and began using oils and acrylics – painting my world and visions in abstract. 
In college, I discovered sculpting in clay...and photography. After learning on an old Pentax 35MM and spending many hours in the darkroom, I still follow the same logic – wait for the shot, so as not to waste film. To this day, I can still smell the solutions of the dark room.
I set aside photography for a time and continued to paint abstract art. That is until I received my first digital camera. Once armed with this new tool, I began capturing the beauty of the earth. 
I hope that through my photography I inspire others to stop, look around and be witness to all the beauty that is around us. Art is the journey the soul takes. I find this magic in ordinary days.

Rae Ann M.'s Work

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