Pat Pilkington

Pat comes from a very creative family. Her mother would hand her boxes of old wallpaper, fabric, and needle and thread.

They would design houses, clothing and animals and spend days in her play world. She designed weddings, did all the flowers, recovered furniture and re-vamped furniture, designed window displays.


Pat received the opportunity to take art classes and never turned back.

She attended Schissler Academy of Fine Art and loved every day.

She participated in the recreational program at Schisslers Academy for 7 years and when they opened the certificate program she jumped in.

She was awarded portfolio of the year for the first year of the certificate program.



Pat has had the opportunity to be trained by many incredible classical artists.


Janeen Schissler


Cody Winiecki


Amanda Gress


John Reager assistant to Anthony Ryder, Anthony Ryder figure drawing workshop


Marjorie Leagitt from the Botanical Gardens



Pelicans Are We
Pelican Lakes Golf Course
Vanderbilt girl after Sargent
Damsel and Pear
Aspens Telluride
Fly Fishing
3rd and 5th hole Pelican Lakes Golf Cour