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Marilyn Hagie

Pastels by Marilyn Hagie.

 My professional life began as a diagnostician and teacher of infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families, and as a clinical specialist for families and their young children with disabilities on the Rosebud and Cheyenne River Reservations. 



I am a Colorado native, although most of my career was away from home.  After retiring, I returned to my Colorado roots in 2011 and never looked back. 



My first formal art instruction began about five years ago at Schlissler Art Academy where I was introduced to pastel. Since then, I have studied privately with Amanda Gress at Gress Art Studio, and Enid Wood in Houston and Bastrop, Texas. 



I admire and appreciate all genre of the arts, and envy those with skill and imagination to create and convey beautiful stories.  And I am constantly inspired and encouraged by the incredibly talented artists around me every day. 

When words fail, art speaks to the soul. 

Marilyn's  Work

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