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Amanda Gress

Amanda Gress

Every human face tells a story. As an artist I strive to capture the full essence of an individual in portraiture by rendering their story in the subtle curves, crevasses, lines and shapes that make up their form. When I spend time drawing or painting ones portrait I begin to truly see into their life; I start asking myself who is this person, what are their hopes, fears, who will they become?
As I analyze the structure of light and shadow over their form and I see their likeness begin to emerge from the paper or canvas I feel great satisfaction knowing that I was able to convey their existence. 
Along with my figurative work are some recent drawings and paintings of succulents.

Another passion of mine besides creating art is gardening and I wanted to try to capture the unique beauty of these strange plants. The compositions emphasize close up shots in order to help guide the viewer into the complex world of interesting shapes and patterns of the plants. 
Amanda Gress is a contemporary figurative artist working in Colorado. After being raised in northern Colorado, Amanda moved to southern California for her art training in 2001. Educated at Laguna College of Art and Design, she received her BFA in 2005 and completed her MFA in 2008. Her classical training in both drawing and painting are rooted in historical techniques covering several mediums including oil paint, watercolor, chalk pastel and sculpture. Her work has been widely exhibited and collected throughout the western United States.
Amanda has spent time as an artist-in-residence in both Japan and Italy. Besides creating and exhibiting her work, Amanda has dedicated her time as an art instructor both privately and academically for the past twelve years. Leaving the Los Angeles area in 2016, she now resides back in her hometown of Loveland, Colorado creating art and teaching out of her studio

Amanda's Work

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