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Barry Long

 Artist Barry Long.

Barry Long was born in California in 1969, and raised in Colorado. His amazing wife and 4 children all make their home in northern Colorado.


He is an artist who cannot recall a day he didn’t doodle, draw, or paint. His mother and father always encouraged and supported his artistic endeavors. He is proud to claim that he is a “Mom-taught” artist.


It is an honor for him to share space with other amazing artists who all work hard to hopefully brighten other people’s day. The only thing he loves as much as his family and art, is people!


There has never been a time when Barry wasn’t excited to make new friends and share a laugh. “I hope that my art affects you the same way art affects me. I love when art transports me and quite literally changes my mood.


My intent is to capture moments in life that remind us how important it is to enjoy our time with family and friends, and to not take ourselves too seriously. Maybe that’s listening to great music, or sharing a drink with those we love… or maybe both!


I love capturing the details of an image in my work that give it a three-dimensional feel.


The interplay of light and shadow is what excites me in art.


I want you to feel as though you were there. Because in a way, you were.” – Barry Long

Barry's Work

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