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Carolyn Pearce

Carolyn Pearce in her studio.

In the spring of 1997, I started taking pottery classes after meeting a potter in Santa Fe. 
I had never had my hands on clay before then.  

Working with clay has been the catalyst for bringing out the creative side of me.   By Christmas of 1997, my husband made a kick wheel for me and I bought a used kiln.

Then something wonderful happened...   

People started buying my little pots.   I was thrilled that someone would spend their hard-earned money on my pottery.  People started coming back and buying more; actually collecting my pottery.  

In 2003, I retired from my real job as a school secretary and since then have been able to make more and more pottery.   I still take classes and go to workshop, because there is always more to learn and study.
Now that I have an electronic kiln, a great studio in my home, do a few art and craft shows every year and have lots of fun.   My pottery can be seen (and purchased) at Independence Gallery on 4th Street in Loveland. 
I do workshops and teach classes at the local recreation center, afterschool classes at local schools, help 4-H students with ceramic projects they enter in the fair and also help disabled people make hand-built projects.  Most importantly, I love it!

Carolyn's Work

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