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Todd Cookman

 Artist Todd Cookman.

Todd Cookman began drawing in grade school. In high school he was encouraged to attend either The Chicago Art Institute or The Ringling College of Art in Sarasota Florida. 

Unfortunately, he was unable to apply due to his fathers job and had to move to Europe. Over the years, his artistic endeavors dwindled. 

Fast forward to seven years ago when Todd got sober. During that time, he was compelled  to "bleed on the canvas" as a way to help his recovery. It became a powerful outlet for him to paint through his process.

Over the last seven years, his paintings have changed just as he has, the result is the bright, bold, colorful images you see today.

Todd's style does not fit snugly into one category and has been described by others as Modern Art, Fauvism, Impressionistic. He just calls it “Toddism.”

Todd lives in Fort Collins and enjoys hiking and the outdoors, taking care of his toothless, demented Yorkie Grommelstein and new rescue cat Shnitzelcat.

Todd's Work

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