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Mark Howard

Artist Mark Howard.

For the past few years my artistic endeavors have involved woodworking using various techniques and making whatever came to mind such as carving, turning stacked segmented tulip shaped vases and bracelets, constructing small boxes, turning bracelets along with making rings, earrings, necklaces, mosaics, lamps and good old cutting boards.
A lot of the wood that I use are scraps from previous projects. For example, the beads used in making necklaces and earrings were small pieces that I made into various shaped beads leftover from making bracelets.
As any artist /craftsperson will tell you, the process of making things can become a lifelong journey of exploration and problem solving. I like to think of the objects that I make are artifacts of my exploration into that wonderful world of creating. I believe sharing art with others is the most important role that art has next to providing artists with their “Own private Idaho”.
In the past I studied painting at The Art Institute of Boston, Printmaking and Drawing at CSU along with art history of early cultures like Pre Colombian and Bronze Age Aegean. I finally received my M.F.A. in drawing from C.S.U. in 2004.
My inspiration was based in various prehistoric art of shamanic cultures and the importance of imagery in rituals and recording of spiritual concepts. Thematically I used the axis mundi or vertical line which symbolizes the connection of earth to heaven in a series which became my Masters thesis show.

While studying printmaking at C.S.U. I realized that making art can take a lot of time , effort and a commitment to doing the best one can regardless of the medium. This attitude has helped me forge ahead on many woodworking projects and has taught me to be more patient in completing works.
Art has been a lifelong endeavor for me. I enjoy the time spent solving problems and look forward to sharing my art with others
Thank you for taking a moment to learn about me.

Mark's Work

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