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Lisa Nevot

Lisa Nevot.jpg

Lisa Nevot is an award winning, international, licensed, and published, fine artist. 


She creates a dance for the eye with texture, light, and organic movement. She studied dance while in college and has translated that flow and alchemy into her painting. 


Lisa recently moved to Fort Collins CO from Park City Utah where she won Best Visual Artist for the People’s Choice Award. 


Her work has toured and sold throughout Italy for a year. Landing in Tuscany and sharing space for a time with Michelangelo. 


Lisa’s art lands in surrealism splashed at times with non-objective abstract.


Her signature golds and play on light and color make the artwork shift at times from warm to cool. It sparks. 


As a full time professional artist she has worked over 39 years in the visual creative industry. 


“Between the viewer and the painting there is intimacy. Art shows us ourselves through reflection, by evoking an impact.” - Lisa Nevot

Lisa's Work

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