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Linda Dzwigalski-Long

Linda at work in the hot shop.

I have been fascinated by glass for as long as I can remember. Blown, cut, stained, sculpted, transparent, opaque—you name it, I have admired it. 
I grew up in Southern Michigan in close proximity to The Toledo Museum of Art and its significant Glass Art Collection. I visited the gallery often to admire the interplay of glass and light.  

Viewing glass museums and displays throughout the country and internationally, fueled my love of the medium.

In 2010, I married and moved to the wonderful community of Masonville, Colorado. I found a thriving blown glass community starting with a class at Front Range Community College.

I continue to work out of varying hot shops in the northern Colorado area which foster an atmosphere of experimentation.

I am known to generate more than my fair share of "I didn't expect that to happen" moments in the hot shops. They are always learning experiences, sometimes fun, sometimes scary and then fun.  

I am always finding new ways to interact with this beautiful material. The chemistry is astounding and performing just the right step at the right moment--when the glass is hot enough but not too hot-- is truly a challenge and keeps the brain very engaged!

You start with a solid material, heat it into a liquid, fight (or play) with gravity and viscosity to enlarge and shape the piece and then let it cool to a solid again--an amazing process.  

You never consider a piece done until it is removed from the annealing oven in one piece without any cracks.   My work is diverse including indoor, outdoor, functional and decorative pieces.

Linda's Work

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