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Local Talent & Special deals

Lincoln Gallery & the Thompson Valley Art League

One of the treasures in our town is the Thompson Valley Art League. TVAL has been a part of Loveland for over to 50 years. They opened the Lincoln Gallery in 1991 in downtown Loveland. TVAL is an art cooperative providing a learning & supporting environment for artists in Northern Colorado & is an asset to our community. TVAL has regional and national shows throughout the year and Lincoln Gallery showcases the work of many of our talented Loveland artists. TVAL has approximately 29 members. The artwork on display is quite varied showcasing, photography, paintings, pottery, jewelry, and more giving so many artists a place to show their work. It also gives the buying public a place to find a variety of art by our local artists.

Lenina Belladonna Olivas (one of the talented artists) has recently started managing Lincoln Gallery. In addition to running the gallery has started introducing other activities to entice people to stop in, such as Tia Chi, &Yoga classes as well as a guided meditation series.

Many may not know that the Thompson Valley Art League is also the facilitators “Art in the Park” art show that runs the second weekend in August, in-conjunction with Sculpture in the Park. This will be the 52nd Art in the Park. The event is being directed by Olivia Lowe.

This weekend Lincoln Gallery will be featuring their “Starving Artist Sale”. Be sure and check out their Facebook page to get a preview of some of the work that will be offered.

Show the artists your support by purchasing something handmade or created from the heart. After all this is LOVEland.

Starving Artists Sale 4:30-7:30 pm

429 N. Lincoln Ave. Dowtown Loveland

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