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Colorado has been my home since I was born, and even after a short stint in Kentucky, the beauty of the mountains call me back any time I wander. When I was 9, my wonderful collie started my deep love of animals of all kinds. Over the years, I’ve had a variety of dogs and cats, all of which have been the catalyst for becoming a photographer. 

I am passionate about capturing their lovely expressions and interesting personalities, and the natural moments of their unique energies and spirits. And it’s a natural expansion of photographing animals to the environment they live in and the people who walk this earth with me .Whether it’s a happy pet, a working border collie, a laughing child, a lumbering giraffe, a glorious mountain, a tiny wildflower, or a breathtaking sunset, every subject I photograph has a story. My hope is my photographs reveal those stories, without words but with the essence of the moment. 

Africa – what an amazing and thought-provoking place.  I had always dreamed of going and finally made the trip, camera in hand. The color, variety, and spirit of Kenya and Tanzania were far bigger and better than I ever imagined. So, I went back again, and yet again.I hope my photos have captured this unique place, it’s amazing animals and plants a seed in you, to view this world as amazing and worth protecting.

Her Work

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