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Progression of an Artist

The Progression of an artist

Many people think that artists are just born with talent. Like the hand of God gave them the gift. I do think that he gave us the desire. Those comments about being born with talent, discounts the hard work artists do to hone their skills.

Just as a professional athlete or musician an artist must practice to become their best. It is a progression. It comes from influence, and inspiration and practice. Some may like our early works better than our current works of art. We are evolving. It’s rather tiresome to do the same thing year after year.

I have kept my first painting as an adult just to show my growth. I still like my first painting and many in between, but I have done some that ended up by the trash bin. While at a fellow artist’s studio, I noticed a taped up hole in his canvas. I asked him, did he stab the canvas? He replied “I did”. I’ve never stabbed one but I have put some big X’s on a few. The difference in our practice and musicians is their practice notes disappear into air. We have ugly reminders of the things that don’t turn out well in our own eyes.

I have bravely showcased my first painting “Fall Colors in the Countryside”

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