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Art For Mental Health's Sake, Not Your Couch.

Art: For Mental Health’s Sake, Not To Match Your Couch!

Written by Rae Ann M. Garrett

Art is an essential part of our lives. Art contains benefits that go far beyond matching the couch. Art can invoke depth and emotion, beauty, and tangible stimulation.  Art is the core of all inventions. Art stimulates creativity and imagination, inspiring us to think outside the norm and develop new concepts, ideas, and opinions. Art is timelessly evolving. It provides a sense of history and culture, guiding us to understand our cultural heritage and traditions that molded our world. 

Through art, people can connect with others tangibly and digitally. Art functions and exhibitions bring people together, creating a sense of commonality and community. Public art installations transform neighborhoods and bring people together around the creative cause or idea. By engaging with and buying art, we can appreciate the beauty in the world around us and find magic in life’s everyday moments. 

More importantly, beyond its visual stimulation, art has been shown to improve mental health and well-being. Studies have shown that art reduces stress, anxiety, anger, and depression and improves overall well-being. Art therapy is often used as a form of treatment for people with mental health issues, including PTSD, depression, and anxiety. 

In conclusion, art is a powerful tool that can enrich many lives in many ways. By engaging with and buying art, we can find beauty around us, stimulate our imagination, learn about our cultural heritage, improve our mental health and well-being, and build connections with others. Art truly goes beyond matching the couch.


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