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Beautiful Beginnings

Beautiful Beginnings

Written by Billie J. Colson

Blog # 1  Comparison  

After going and enjoying an art show and being impressed with the work that was there.  I started to feel a little inferior. We as artist put ourselves out there for shows such as this one and are often rejected.  Just like not everyone can be a pro-football player, artists are in process.  I love the saying; Comparison is the thief of joy.  It happens, we look at others work and we can be hardest on ourselves. 

I typically have to give myself a pep talk, to be inspired rather than critical of my work.  We are all a work in progress, and do the best we can with the time, knowledge and materials we have.   

This month Independence Gallery showcases “Beautiful Beginnings”.

IG artists have brought in their sketch process, works in progress and works from the beginning of their painting journey.  We are not born with talent.  We are born with the desire to create.  Stop in to Independence Gallery before the end of March to check out the process and progress of our artistic journey.  


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