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Creativity strikes

Why do we wait for inspiration before we create? I love to paint when it’s cloudy. The problem with that here in Northern Colorado, it’s rarely ever cloudy. So it’s more of a discipline. I find, even if I’m not in the mood to create, if I sit down at the easel, I can get in the mood.

The act of doing can get you in the mood. Just like being happy. You can start smiling and being happy and it will feel like the real thing. It also creates more happiness for those around you. Decide you are going to create, and then just start.

I find inspiration in others work. Set yourself a time limit. It’s easy to get in a rabbit hole of scrolling through artwork online. Often I’m inspired by someone else’s work and I incorporate part of that style into mine. We learn to walk and talk and play instruments by copying others, so must we copy what other’s have done to learn. Don’t wait for inspiration to start creating. Just Do It, as Nike says.


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