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Everyone loves Pie!

Don’t you just love going to a quaint small town, with cute shops? Did you know we have such a place in downtown Loveland? We have locally owned restaurants, pubs, breweries, galleries and boutiques and more. To keep this a unique and fun place to go, we need you… the folks who enjoy such a place to come support our endeavors.

So many of our downtown places offer live music, local artists, collectables and it’s just fun to see friends sitting out on one of the sidewalk venues enjoying each other’s company.

I’ve heard about this challenge that people who are dining together put their phones on the table or away and whoever grabs their phone first has to pay the tab. What a fun challenge for those of us who are so addicted to our phones.

We have cup cake shops, ice cream & cookie shops, several coffee shops, everything your little heart desires.

I do hope you will come downtown and experience a short walk with all sorts of places that will delight you.

If you are looking for a fun outing close to home, join us Friday July 14th 6-9pm for “A Night on the Town”. At Independence Gallery we’ll be serving up Cherry Pie and Ice Cream by a local creamery, Paradise Cream.

We look forward to seeing you.


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