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Is art a good gift?

Is art a good gift? If you know someone’s taste, much like buying perfume or cologne it is. The nice thing about art is that typically it’s a one of a kind piece. I’ve loved the sweaters, slippers, bathrobes, ect. I’ve received over the years. Perfumes too J. One of the great things about giving a hand created or painted piece of art is that it lasts a lot longer than a sweater and other gifts.

My favorite things about giving something an artist made it that the artist does a happy dance when someone buys their artwork. I don’t think that the department stores do.

If you are looking for a hand created or painted gift or a piece of pottery, consider stopping by a local gallery and picking up something original for that original person in your life.

Independence Gallery will be open Christmas Eve until 2pm. I look forward to seeing you.


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